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User: Joe Simmons

Created on: 2023-05-19

Observation Date 2023-05-18

Planted variety corn trial on the east side of the FSC F2 field. Treatment list: Trt 1 Pioneer 100 day corn variety P0035AM (ave. planting population 33,446 plants/A); Trt 2 Pioneer 103 day corn variety P0306Q (ave. planting population 33,007 plants/A); Trt 3 Pioneer 107 day corn variety P0720AM (ave. planting population 32,779 plants/A); Trt 4 Viking (organic corn) 0.45-97UP (ave. planting population 34,273 plants/A). Average fertilizer applied in the study area was 16.3 gals/A.


Observation Type:
Planting Fertilizer Application


Worker: Joe Simmons
Equipment: John Deere 7330 Tractor
Equipment: John Deere 1730 Maxemerge Plus Planter


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