Name: Monosem 4-row 10' planter

2021-06-02 Planting Plant MSU Soy bean Variety Trial at 180,000 seeds per acre in the west end of G1. Plant the rest of the fields with Blue river 21F3 soy beans at 140,000 seeds per acre.

2021-06-02 Planting Plant Blue River 38G54 corn at 28000 seed per acre.

2022-06-02 Planting Plant blue river 24DC3 soybeans at 180.000 seeds per acre. Ten varieties from MSU soybean breeders were planted in the SW corner of B2E in four replicates.

2023-05-17 Planting Plant open pollinated corn variety trial on the south portion of the field, population 24k. Brook Drove the tractor and Josh dumped seed packets into the planter. Patrick planted the corn population trial on the north portion of the field with an Almaco four row planter and New Holland tractor, populations 16k, 22k, 28k, 34k. A malfunction prevented Patric from planting P17R7 and this was filled in by Josh with the Monosem planter.

2023-05-19 Planting Planted 10" row spacing plots with Monosem Planter

2023-05-19 Planting Started planting field ASP1F1 with soybeans using Monosem 10" row new precision planter. Planted north headlands and east portion of field (about 10 acres) before rain. had some trouble on north headlands with getting enough down pressure to get seed planted as deep as desired.

2023-05-24 Soil Preparation Soil finish fields and plant corn. Soil finisher was washed with hose. Monosem covers were taken off to remove and treated seed.

2023-06-28 Planting Replant corn at 29,000 seeds/acre. Variety. O.84-95UP.

2024-05-02 Planting Plant Pioneer corn at 28600 seeds per acre in potato herbicide project per instructions from Nash and Hannah. there are 15 rows N of the dead furrow and 14 rows South.

2024-05-15 Soil Preparation Soil finish fields in preparation for planting. Josh and Brook planted Open Pollinated corn variety trial in A2 @24k seeds/acre. Josh planted Oaxacan Green corn in A3east.

2024-05-31 Planting Fill in rest of field with DKC55-53 and MN13 corn. Spray residual herbicide program on corn. Wind 6.4 mph SE, 75.8F.

2024-05-31 Planting Plant O.84-95UP corn at 29,400 PLS per acre. Depth was 1.75 inches.

2024-05-31 Planting Plant BR 2155N soybeans at 180k seeds per acre and a depth of 1.25 inches.

2024-06-10 Planting Fill in unplanted portions around research projects using MN 13 corn at 24k seeds per acre. In the OP rate trial planting errors resulted in unplanted plots which were filled in: Pass 14 Range 10, P24 R4 (north half of plot), P24 R5-6. To the east of Manni's plots, 20' were filled in.