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User: Josh Dykstra

Created on: 2024-06-04

Observation Date 2024-05-31

Fill in rest of field with DKC55-53 and MN13 corn. Spray residual herbicide program on corn. Wind 6.4 mph SE, 75.8F.


Observation Type:
Planting Herbicide Application


Worker: Josh Dykstra
Equipment: Monosem 4-row 10' planter
Equipment: John Deere 5225 Tractor
Worker: Josh Dykstra
Equipment: Demco 3pt 100 gallon, 45' boom sprayer • Material: Ammonium sulfate (AMS) @ 2.55 pound per acre • Material: Halex GT Herbicide (Callisto, Dual, Glyphosate Premix) @ 4.0 pint per acre • Material: Activator 90 (NIS) @ 4.8 ounce per acre • Material: Atrazine @ 1.0 quart per acre
Equipment: John Deere 5220 Tractor


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