Name: 3-point boom sprayer, 18'

2022-05-11 Herbicide Application Spray planting green T3 early termination

2021-05-18 Soil Preparation Planting Green: Roller crimp T5 Rye. Roll down T6 rye with cultipacker. Spray T4,5,6 with 32 oz./acre Roundup Power Max. Spray T2 with 16 oz. Roundup Power Max and 6 oz. Zidua Pro per acre.

2021-05-18 Soil Preparation Roller crimp rye ahead of planting. Spray herbicide after planting.

2021-05-27 Herbicide Application Spray black bean field after it was roller crimped and planted.

2021-06-03 Soil Preparation Planting green: biomass sample T7,8 rye. Cultipack T8. Spray T7,8.

2021-06-17 Herbicide Application Spray corn to control curly dock, pig weed, and lambs quarter.

2022-05-24 Herbicide Application Spray rye and weeds in T1,4,5,6 of planting green soybean field as well as areas of the field not used to the project.

2022-05-24 Herbicide Application Burn down and residual herbicide for soybeans.

2022-05-31 Fungicide Application Spray fungicide on winter barley varieties. For management trial (D2), four replicates were sprayed and unsprayed.

2022-06-02 Herbicide Application Spray the NE corner of the plot to control weed. Area 30' wide and 45' long. During the initial herbicide application, the boom was not fully flushed, resulting in mostly water being applied then.

2022-06-09 Herbicide Application Spray planting green soybeans t 7 and 8 and spray Lowry old switchgrass (planted to soybeans). T8 was rolled down with the cultipacker on the 10th.

2022-04-22 Herbicide Application Planted Green soybean in 27-1-2: spray rye and weeds in no cover treatment plus allies. Spray bait crop to prep for planting forage blend.

2022-05-17 Herbicide Application Spot spray prairie strips to control curly dock before planting.

2022-06-20 Fertilizer Application Fertilize sorghum sudangrass plots.

2023-05-18 Herbicide Application Spray a strip approximately 15 feet by 500 feet on the south edge of ASP5F1. This area was not burning down with the rest of the field from initial herbicide application probably because an equipment malfunction resulted in under application. Wind 9.2 mph from SE, 58 F. 24hr REI ends 5/19 at 11:45 am.

2023-05-30 Soil Preparation Fertilize the west part of the field at 100 lbs. N and 36 lbs. S per acre; soil finish to incorporate. Plant hemp variety trial seed: Brook drove, and Josh loaded seed packets into the cone seeder. The area was then sprayed with Sonalan.

2023-07-17 Planting Plant T3 of sorghum planting date trial. Spray and fertilize T1-3.

2023-08-16 Planting Plant sudex planting date trial T6 (GreenSugar TR Sorghum x Sudangrass at 30 lbs./ acre) and T7 (HPS5500 Energy Sorghum at 14.3 lbs./ acre). Extra field space was filled with GreenSugar TR sudex.

2024-06-12 Herbicide Application Sprayed Sorghum Nitrogen Rate trial North with tank mix of 17 lbs/100 gal AMS, Roundup PowerMax 44 oz/A, Dual II Magnum at 1.33 pints/A, and Atrazine at 1 quart/A.

2024-07-18 Fertilizer Application Fertilize t 1-3 of sorghum plant date trial (50 lbs. N /acre) and apply herbicide to weeds.