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User: Todd Martin

Created on: 2024-06-13

Observation Date 2024-06-12

Sprayed Sorghum Nitrogen Rate trial North with tank mix of 17 lbs/100 gal AMS, Roundup PowerMax 44 oz/A, Dual II Magnum at 1.33 pints/A, and Atrazine at 1 quart/A.


Observation Type:
Herbicide Application


Worker: Todd Martin
Equipment: John Deere 5225 Tractor
Equipment: Shovel (hand powered)
Equipment: 3-point boom sprayer, 18' • Material: Ammonium sulfate (AMS) @ 3.4 pound per acre • Material: Herbicide Roundup Power Max (glyphosate 48.7%) @ 44.0 ounce per acre • Material: Atrazine @ 1.0 quart per acre • Material: Dual II Magnum (s-metolachlor (+ safener)) @ 1.33 pint per acre


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