Name: VMS

Observation Date Observation Types Observation Comment Equipment Material
1994-05-12 Soil Preparation, Planting {{PL: Moldboard plowed conv... Moldboard plow, Buffalo planter Pioneer 9171 soybeans: 140000.0 seeds per acre Show
1994-05-09 Harvest {{PL: Flail mowed all treat... flail mower Show
1993-11-18 Harvest {{PL: <Action>Vetch managem... John Deere 4425 combine Show
1993-11-18 Harvest Show
1993-08-19 Planting {{PL: <Action>Vetch managem... unknown hairy vetch: 38.0 pounds per acre Show
1993-07-12 Soil Preparation {{PL: <Action>Vetch Managem... Hiniker between-row cultivator Show
1993-07-06 Fertilizer Application {{PL: <Action>Vetch Managem... unknown Fertilizer ammonium nitrate (34-0-0): 353.0 pounds per acre Show
1993-06-10 Mechanical Weed Control {{PL: <Action>Vetch Managem... broadcast sprayer Herbicide Basagran (bentazon): 0.75 quarts per acre, Herbicide Atrazine 4L: 0.75 quarts per acre, crop oil: 1.0 quart per acre Show
1993-05-18 Harvest, Planting, Insecticide Application {{PL: <Action>Vetch managem... brush hog type mower, disk, cultipacker, unknown Great Lakes 450 corn: 26000.0 plants per acre, Dyfonate: 0.0 unknowns per acre Show
1993-05-13 Soil Preparation {{PL: <Action>Vetch Managem... Show
1989-06-14 Mechanical Weed Control {{PL: Sprayed Dana Barclay'... broadcast sprayer Banvel plus X-77 Spreader: 0.5 pints per acre Show
1989-06-12 Mechanical Weed Control {{PL: Completed cultivating... Hiniker between-row cultivator Show
1989-06-09 Mechanical Weed Control {{PL: Cultivated the follow... Hiniker between-row cultivator Show
1989-05-22 Planting {{PL: Planted corn in all R... Buffalo planter Great Lakes Hybrid GL 599 Corn: 24300.0 seeds per acre Show
1989-05-22 Mechanical Weed Control {{PL: Sprayed selected plot... unknown Herbicide Gramoxone Extra (Paraquat): 1.0 pound per acre Show
1989-05-18 Soil Preparation {{PL: Lana Barclay and crew... flail mower, Moldboard plow, disk, cultipacker Show
1988-08-01 Mechanical Weed Control {{PL: Vetch mgt: Cultivated... Hiniker between-row cultivator, MF 298 Show
1988-06-15 Irrigation {{PL: Irrigated both the Ro... irrigator water: 2.4 inches per acre Show
1988-05-19 Mechanical Weed Control Glen Harris and Dana Barcla... broadcast sprayer Herbicide 2,4-D ester: 1.25 quarts per acre, water: 25.0 gallons per acre Show