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2022-07-25 Mechanical Weed Control Mowing Mow ASP 2 prairie strips wi... Show
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2022-05-20 Soil Preparation Planting Cultimulched and planted pr... Show
2022-05-17 Herbicide Application Spot spray prairie strips t... Show
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2022-05-09 Soil Preparation soil finished areas in LTAR... Show
2022-04-28 Soil Preparation Used disc to till areas to ... Show
2021-12-10 Sampling Soil heath samples: 5 cores... Show
2021-11-05 Mowing Flail mow corn stalks. Show
2021-11-05 Mowing Flail mow corn stalks. Show
2021-04-22 Fertilizer Application Corn dry fertilizer spread ... Show
2021-04-10 Herbicide Application Sprayed volunteer wheat tha... Show
2021-03-25 Soil Preparation Chisel plow at 9" deep 5.5 MPH Show