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User: Jarrod Rhoades

Created on: 2024-06-14

Observation Date 2024-06-14

Fertilized GLBRC Main Site G1 plots corn with 28% nitrogen. G1 corn was fertilized with 50 gallons of 28% per acre supplying 150 lbs of nitrogen. Bait crop corn and the one rep 6 plot with corn were fertilized with 50 gallon per acre of 28% as well. Weather at 12:30 p.m was 77.1 degrees, with 5.07 mph wind out of the Northeast, 51 % relative humidity and sunny.

G1 GLBRC_Trap_Crop_Area

Observation Type:
Fertilizer Application


Worker: Jarrod Rhoades
Equipment: John Deere 7420a Tractor
Equipment: 28% (FSC Built) Six Row Fertilizer Applicator • Material: Fertilizer 28% UAN (28-0-0) @ 50.0 gallon per acre


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