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User: Jarrod Rhoades

Created on: 2024-06-11

Observation Date 2024-06-11

Planted GLBRC Sorghum Nitrogen Rate Experiment. Planted 2 passes East and West to make plot 30 ft wide and 510 ft long. Variety Planted: Iowa State University HPS5500. Planting Depth: 1.50 inches. Planting Population: 6.50 lbs per acre. Seed Treatment: Iowa State University HPS5500 was treated with Concep III (seed safener), Apron XL (systemic fungicide) and Maxim 4FS (systemic insecticide). No seed tag or label was available with the seed lot that was sent from Iowa State. Planted with John Deere 1590 no-till drill. Half of the rows were blocked to plant in 15 inch rows. Drill setting #9 with feed cups on top setting (closed as much as possible). Down pressure was at 1,000 psi. Gauge wheels were set with 4 notches open on each side below the set point.


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Worker: Jarrod Rhoades
Equipment: John Deere 7420a Tractor
Equipment: John Deere 1590 15' no-till drill • Material: Sorghum - Iowa State HPS5500 @ 80000.0 seeds per acre


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