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User: Jarrod Rhoades

Created on: 2023-09-28

Observation Date 2023-09-28

Irrigated corn in the LTER Irrigated Resource Gradient Experiment (Irrigated N-rate Study). Equipment used: Irrigated with the Valley 8000 Linear Irrigation System. Amount of water applied: 0.5875 inch of water was applied (as measured by six rain gauges) Irrigation system delay setting: 32; Irrigation pressure: 22 psi; Pressure at the pump: 50 psi. Time of application was between 10:35 a.m. - 11:50 a.m. Weather conditions at 10:25 a.m. Cloudy/drizzling , 59.2 °F, wind 5-10 mph (3m high 5 minute average wind speed was 5.41 mph) wind gust 9.77 mph, from the Northeast, relative humidity 99.3%. Weather conditions at 11:40 a.m. Cloudy, 59.8 °F, wind 7-12 mph (3m high 5 minute average wind speed was 7.05 mph), wind gust 12.1 mph, from the Northeast, relative humidity 97.9%. Meter reading at the start of irrigation event: 5,965,004; Meter reading at the end of irrigation event: 5,992,525; Total gallon of water used in this irrigation event (as measure by a in-line water meter): A minimum amount of 27,521 gallons of water was applied at time of irrigation.; The flow meter was not working at the beginning of the event but then started working. The total amount of gallons appears to be a little low for what it should be for the amount of time it was running. Average 420 gallons per minute (as measure by a in-line water meter).


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Worker: Jarrod Rhoades
Equipment: Linear irrigation system,Valley Model 8000, 360° drops every 10', total length 230' • Material: H2O @ 0.59 inch per acre


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