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User: Todd Martin

Created on: 2023-09-22

Observation Date 2023-09-15

Sprayed Interaction plots with Glyphosate + 2, 4-D ester to kill switchgrass and weed to ready for new project. did not spray 15 feet on west side of plot numbers 6 and 8 to avoid Monolith lysimeters. sprayed over buried sensors.


Observation Type:
Herbicide Application


Worker: Todd Martin
Equipment: John Deere 6140R Tractor
Equipment: Top Air Sprayer • Material: AgSaver Glyphosate 53.8% @ 48.0 ounce per acre • Material: 2,4-D LV4 Ester @ 27.0 ounce per acre • Material: NIS surfactant @ 6.4 ounce per acre • Material: Condition @ 6.4 ounce per acre
Worker: Commercial Applicator


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