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User: Joe Simmons

Created on: 2023-05-24

Observation Date 2023-05-23

Planted corn in the Main Site LTER T3 replications (4, 5, 2, 1, 3 and 6). The last seven passes on the east side of T3R6 was planted on Wednesday morning May 24, 2023. Equipment used: Planted with JD 7330 tractor and JD 1730 planter. Planted Pioneer P0306Q seed corn at 32,000 seeds/acre. Planting depth: 1.75 inches. Pioneer P0306Q has a relative maturity of 103 days and is Roundup ready corn 2 and liberty link tolerant. Also has above and below ground traits (herculex extra, agrisureRW, Yield gard corn borer protection). Full fungicide, Insecticide, Nematicide seed treatment. Applied 16.5-16.5-0-2.9 liquid fertilizer at 16.3 gallons/acre. Fertilizer weighed 11.25 lbs per gallon. 16.3 gals/A of 16.5-16.5-0-2.9 supplies 30.25 lbs N/A, 30.25 lbs P205/A, 5.3 lbs of sulfur per acre. Zinc and boron were added to the starter fertilizer and supplied .2 lbs/A of zinc and .3 lbs/A of boron. The fertilizer was placed 3 inches to both sides of the seed trench and about 2.5" down.

T3 T3_micro-plots

Observation Type:
Planting Fertilizer Application


Worker: Joe Simmons
Equipment: John Deere 7330 Tractor
Equipment: John Deere 1730 Maxemerge Plus Planter • Material: Pioneer P0306Q corn hybrid @ 0.0 % per acre • Material: 26.7-0-0-2.6 @ 0.0 % per acre


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