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User: Joe Simmons

Created on: 2023-05-22

Observation Date 2023-05-22

Planted corn in the LTER CE Study Treatments 1 and 3 (trt 1 plots: 108, 202, 304, and 401), (trt 3 plots: 105, 207, 301, and 403). Equipment used: Planted with JD 7330 tractor and JD 1730 planter. Variety Planted: Pioneer P0306Q seed corn Seed Rate: 32,000 seeds/acre. Planting depth: 1.75 inches. Pioneer P0306Q has a relative maturity of 103 days and is Roundup ready corn 2 and liberty link tolerant. Also has above and below ground traits (herculex extra, agrisureRW, Yield gard corn borer protection). Full fungicide, Insecticide, Nematicide seed treatment. Fertilizer Applied at Planting Time (starter fertilizer): Applied 16.5-16.5-0-2.9 liquid fertilizer at 16.3 gallons/acre. Fertilizer weighed 11.25 lbs per gallon. 16.3 gals/A of 16.5-16.5-0-2.9 supplies 30.25 lbs N/A, 30.25 lbs P205/A, 5.3 lbs of sulfur per acre. Zinc and boron were added to the starter fertilizer and supplied .2 lbs/A of zinc and .3 lbs/A of boron. The fertilizer was placed 3 inches to both sides of the seed trench and about 1/2" to 1" down.

CE1 CE3 T8nt

Observation Type:
Planting Fertilizer Application


Worker: Joe Simmons
Equipment: John Deere 7330 Tractor
Equipment: John Deere 1730 Maxemerge Plus Planter • Material: Pioneer P0306Q corn hybrid @ 0.0 % per acre • Material: Fertilizer 16.5-16.5-0-2.9 with .2 lbs/A zinc and .3 lbs/A boron starter fertilizer @ 0.0 % per acre


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