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User: Jarrod Rhoades

Created on: 2023-05-19

Observation Date 2023-05-19

Fertilized GLBRC Main Site treatment G1 reps (2,3) with potash (0-0-60) at 300 lbs/A. Fertilizer was applied with one pass over everything. G1 reps 1,4 and 5 from the same day. Weather at 12:00 pm was 71.1°F, RH 55%, wind speed (3m) 6.22 MPH wind direction South West.

G1R2 G1R3

Observation Type:
Fertilizer Application


Worker: Jarrod Rhoades
Equipment: Gandy Orbit-Air (30' boom) • Material: Fertilizer 0-0-60 potash fertilizer @ 300.0 pound per acre
Equipment: John Deere 7420b Tractor (14.9 R 46 back tire size)


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