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User: Todd Martin

Created on: 2023-05-19

Observation Date 2023-05-18

Sprayed fertilizer in the Switchgrass Variety II. All treatments except treatment 3 were fertilized with 50 lbs N/A applied as 28% N fertilizer. Each treatment plot was divided into two areas, an unfertilzed area 15' wide located on the North side of all the plots and the fertilized area which was the South 15 feet of the plots. The unfertilized 15' side received NO fertilizer. Equipment Used: John Deere 6140R tractor with a three point mounted Top Air sprayer equipped with a hydraulic centrifugal sprayer pump and Ag Leader Rate Controller. StreamJet SJ7A-02 Fertilizer Spray Nozzles(0.2 gpm) were used, spaced 20 inches. Purpose of Application: Supply nitrogen to the treatment plots.


Observation Type:
Fertilizer Application


Worker: Todd Martin
Equipment: John Deere 6140R Tractor
Equipment: Sprayer: Top Air 3 point 300 gal • Material: Fertilizer 28% UAN (28-0-0) @ 17.0 gallon per acre


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