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User: Josh Dykstra

Created on: 2022-05-06

Observation Date 2022-04-05

Apply 75-0-60-10 lbs./acre of N-P-K-S to Winter Malting Barley Trial., U. of Minn. barley varieties, Rey variety trial, and winter barley management. The south 15' of F2 were at 2/3 rate because of material shortage and changes to field boundary.

D2 E2 F2-FSC

Observation Type:
Fertilizer Application


Worker: Josh Dykstra
Equipment: John Deere 5225 Tractor
Equipment: Gandy Air Seeder • Material: Ammonium sulfate (AMS) @ 41.667 pound per acre • Material: 0-0-60 @ 100.0 pound per acre • Material: urea @ 144.0 pound per acre


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