Name: Tye Drill

1989-04-14 Soil Preparation {{PL: Used a disk and cultipacker to workup the plots in the Rotation Study which will be planted to Oats (should have been wheat last fall) (Rotation/Crop #'s 1A & 2A). After tilling, Treatments 1A & 2A were seeded to Oats with the Tye drill (mounted). Variety was ”Ogles” at a rate of 2 bushels/acre. The Alfalfa plots (3A) need more tillage and the seed isn't in yet.}}

1989-04-29 Planting {{PL: Used the Tye grain drill (mounted) to plant the Oats/ALfalfa hay plots in the Rotation Study. This is Rotation/Crop #3A. We planted 'Ogles' oats at 2 bushels/acre and 'Big Ten' alfalfa at 12 pounds/acre.}}

1994-05-18 Planting Pioneer 9202 soybean in 8” (20 cm) rows at 200,000 plants/a (493,827 plants/ha) [T1]. {{PL: Seeded entry point trmt 3 for all reps with Tye drill as above.}}

1993-04-27 Soil Preparation {{PL: <Action> Rotation Study; Treatments 3a were plowed in all four reps. Ground was then tilled with a disk and culti-packer to firm it up. Oats were then seeded at 65 lbs/a along with 18 lbs/a Alfalfa. The Tye drill was used.}}

1993-04-28 Soil Preparation {{PL: <Action> Rotation Study; R##ridged treatment 1a in all reps in the rotation study with the cultivator. Spring wheat was planted at 2.5 bu/a along with 12 lbs/a red clover with the Tye drill.}}

1993-10-08 Planting {{PL: <Action>Rotation study; Planted Chelsea wheat with Tye drill at 2.5 bu/a for treatments 1c and 2c for all reps. Good moisture was present at planting. }}

1993-08-17 Planting {{PL: <Action>Low input, zero input; Started applying cover crops of hairy vetch at a rate of 30 lbs/a. Used the high boy from the dairy and the fertilizer box off of the Tye drill. Will cover four rows, but should work real well. Applied vetch to treatments 3 and 4 on the LTER main site for all reps. Seed was broadcasted on top of the ground. }}

1994-04-21 Planting Planted Pioneer 5246 alfalfa at 18 lbs/a (20 kg/ha) in 8” (20 cm) rows; rep 1 only [T6] Planted Pioneer 5246 alfalfa at 18 lbs/a (20 kg/ha) in 8” (20 cm) rows; reps 2-6 only [T6] {{PL: Started planting LTER main site treatment 6 with alfalfa. Used Tye drill with no-till attachment, seeding into 8” spacing at 18 lbs/acre. Variety used is Pioneer 5246. Seeded rep 1 only. Down pressure is inconsistent on drill. }}

1994-06-23 Planting {{PL: Seeded grain sorghum (Pioneer 8699) in 8” rows with Tye drill at 8 lbs/a in rotation study treatments 1c, 3c, 3d, 3e, 4a, and 4b. Did this for cover crop. }}