Name: plow --type unknown

1989-04-25 Soil Preparation {{PL: Finished plowing Native Succ. plot number 2-7 today.}}

1996-04-11 Soil Preparation {{PL: Plowed all four replicates of the Vetch Managment Study Area and all four replicates of the Low Input Trials.}}

1993-04-27 Soil Preparation {{PL: <Action> Rotation Study; Treatments 3a were plowed in all four reps. Ground was then tilled with a disk and culti-packer to firm it up. Oats were then seeded at 65 lbs/a along with 18 lbs/a Alfalfa. The Tye drill was used.}}

1993-05-10 Soil Preparation {{PL: <Action>Rotation; Plowed treatments 2b and 2c for all reps. }}

1993-09-19 Soil Preparation {{PL: <Action>Rotation Study; Plowed treatment 3b for all reps in preparation for next year. Has been quite wet lately. }}

1993-04-27 Soil Preparation {{PL: <Action> Conventional; Treatment 1 was plowed in the LTER main site for reps 1-4. }}

1994-04-20 Soil Preparation {{PL: Started plowing on Lysimeter field. Finished about half of it. Will finish tomorrow. }}

1988-05-12 Soil Preparation Greg finished plowing (Reps 3-4) the Rotation Study in the ancillary site this morning. I sprayed Roundup onto two small patches in the main site which had not received sufficient application from the initial spray. Began disking the plowed plots of the Rotation Study in the Ancillary site.