Name: White roll-over plow

1996-04-12 Soil Preparation {{PL: Plowed the Gene Transfer (WEST) area of the LTER. Plowed east and west. Plow wasn't plowing real dessent so I took it over to Langshaw and made some adjustments. Works alot better. Hey.. Lary. Tire pressure, some bolts, odds and ends. Sit rear wheel of the plow to a depth of about eight inches or so and used the International 885 tractor with White plow. .... }}

1996-04-28 Soil Preparation {{PL: Plowed LTER MS TRT 3 and 4 across all six replicates for each treatment. Used JD and White roll-over plows w/ 3 bottoms each. Used Steve Norris's JD Tractor for the JD plow. Gary Bashore and I plowed both treatments in about 9.75 hr. Each plot took about 47.5 min to plow averaged across all rep and trt. Plow depth was about 7 inches deep. Soil was a little wet, however plowed because forecast for mon-thur looked bad for the following week. Joe wasn't available, so Gary and I removed the gas box near the gas shed and replaced after plowing had been completed. Joe didn't have a problem with this. Gary's Case 885 tractor had a hydrolic leak. A loose nut near the fuel tank on a hydrolic line was causing it to leak. I tightned it up and leak has appeared to stop.}}

2022-05-10 Soil Preparation Moldboard plow treatments in Kravchenko tillage project.