Name: International 885 tractor

1996-04-12 Soil Preparation {{PL: Plowed the Gene Transfer (WEST) area of the LTER. Plowed east and west. Plow wasn't plowing real dessent so I took it over to Langshaw and made some adjustments. Works alot better. Hey.. Lary. Tire pressure, some bolts, odds and ends. Sit rear wheel of the plow to a depth of about eight inches or so and used the International 885 tractor with White plow. .... }}

1996-05-23 Mechanical Weed Control {{PL: (entry 2) Sprayed TRT1 and 2 Wheat Plots in Rotation Entry Point Study at 1 pt/A 2,4-D amine. Also sprayed alleyways around REP to control broadleaf weeds and to rinse out sprayer. Used Glenco cultivator and Case (dairies 885 w/FWA) to cultivate Soybean TRT 1,3,4.}}