Name: planter

2001-05-09 Planting Planted corn in the Biodiversity, Nitrogen Rate, European Corn Borer, and 2,4-D studies.

1996-05-17 Fertilizer Application Applied 25 lb N/acre (28 kg/ha) as 28% UAN through the planter (liquid) [T2]

1996-05-14 Fertilizer Application Applied 25 lb N/acre (28 kg/ha) as 28% UAN through the planter (liquid) [T1] During the aglog conversion this was keyed in as 29 gallons of UAN, it should have been 8 gal, yielding 25 lb/acre N (sven)

1989-06-19 Planting {{PL: Replanted one treatment of soybeans on the Rotation Study today; Rotation/Crop #2C. This treatment had eroded badly in some spots, especially Rep 4, and apparently crusted over in other areas yielding a poor stand. Planted 8-10 beans/foot (planter setting 14/26) using GLH 2206 soybean seed.}}

2011-08-09 Planting Over-seeded the Biodiversity Study treatments B4 and B15, all replications, with red clover into field corn. The treatments which were seeded were corn plots which were suppose to have leguminous cover crops as part of their rotation: B4 (plots 104, 220, 307, and 404) and B15 (plots 112, 213, 301 and 415). Clover was seeded using an EarthWay Ev-N-Spred bag seeder (model 2700A) at setting 2.5-3.0. At this setting, the seeder is designed to spread the seed over 18 feet; however, due to the tall corn, passes were made to cover only 10' (three passes in each 30' wide plot); medium red clover seed was broadcast at approximately 30 lbs/A into standing corn: this was 2 1/2 times the recommended amount however the height of the corn limited the effective spread of the seeds--at seeding time, the corn was approximately 6 feet tall (from 4 to 7 depending on the plot establishment). Additionally, mechanical difficulties with the seeder contributed to the high seeding rate.

2001-10-30 Soil Preparation Because of perennial weeds (curlydock and dandelion) all replications of treatment B16 in the biodiversity study were chisel plowed, field cultivated, and planted with annual rye. Most likely used the JD 750 no-till drill.