Name: haybine

1996-06-03 Harvest Haybined. Replicates 1-6 [T6]

1996-07-01 Harvest Haybined Replicates 1-2, only [T6]

1996-07-02 Harvest Haybined Replicates 3,4,5, and 6, only [T6]

1996-08-12 Harvest Haybined alfalfa. Replicates 1-6 [T6]

1995-05-31 Harvest Haybined alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) [T6]

1994-07-11 Harvest Haybined; reps 1, 2, 3, 4 only [T6]

1994-07-12 Harvest Haybined; reps 5, 6 only [T6]

1994-09-01 Harvest Haybined [T6]

1993-07-12 Harvest Haybined [T6]

1993-08-27 Harvest Haybined [T6]

1992-05-27 Harvest Haybined [T6]

1992-07-07 Harvest Haybined [T6]

1992-08-11 Harvest Haybined [T6]

1992-10-01 Harvest Haybined [T6]

1991-05-30 Harvest Haybined [T6]

1991-07-11 Harvest Haybined, raked, and baled [T6]

1991-08-16 Harvest Haybined [T6]

1991-10-08 Harvest Haybined [T6]

1990-05-30 Harvest Haybined [T6]

1990-07-06 Harvest Haybined, raked, and baled [T6]

1990-08-17 Harvest Haybined treatments [T6]

1989-07-07 Harvest Haybined, raked, and baled [T6]

1989-08-17 Harvest Haybined, raked, and baled [T6]

1990-10-22 Harvest Haybined treatments [T6]

1993-04-01 Harvest Haybined alfalfa -- !! Exact Date Not Known !! [Field 32] ****** Haybined alfalfa [Field 41]

1996-07-01 Harvest {{PL: (entry 3) Gene Transfer Plots had 140 lb N/A applied using the Gandy Air Seeder and JD 7400 Tractor. Rotation Entry Point TRT 1 and 2 had 120 lb N applied/A. Cut the Lysimeter (2nd cut) alfalfa field with haybine. Cut TRT 1 and 2 LTER Main Site Alfalfa.}}

1993-07-26 Harvest {{PL: <Action>Lysimeter area; Cut smaller part with haybine, hay was once again full of grass. }}

1993-09-07 Harvest {{PL: <Action>Rotation study; Cut treatment 3b for all reps. Used haybine this time since small forage harvester has been giving so much trouble. Collected samples for drying. }}

1993-10-01 Harvest {{PL: <Action>Rotation Study; Cut treatment 3a for all reps with haybine, took samples and weighed them. }}

1993-05-25 Harvest Haybined [T6] {{PL: <Action>Perennial Alfalfa; Started cutting alfalfa treatment 6 with haybine. Reps 1-4 were cut before a section broke on cutter bar. }}

1989-06-12 Harvest {{PL: Sampled and Haybined the 4 alfalfa plots of the Rotation Study today. The following data is based on a sample size 20 x 9.25 feet. Yields are corrected to 12.0% moisture content. Sample weight is in pounds. 1 Ton = 2000 pounds, i.e. not metric tonnes.}}

2010-07-16 Harvest Cut alfalfa in LTER Main Site treatment T6 all replications. Plots were cut on 7/16/2010 with the JD rotary haybine.