Name: Moldboard plow

1994-05-12 Soil Preparation {{PL: Moldboard plowed conventional treatments in vetch management study for all reps. Seeded soybeans with Buffalo planter in ridge-till plots on vetch management study for all reps. Seeded Pioneer 9171 at 140,000 plant/acre. }}

1997-05-07 Soil Preparation Moldboard plow [T4]

1997-05-10 Soil Preparation Moldboard plow [T4]

1997-05-12 Soil Preparation Moldboard plow. Replicates 4,5, and 6 only. [T3]

1997-05-13 Soil Preparation Moldboard plow. Replicates 1,2, and 3 only. [T3]

1996-04-18 Soil Preparation Moldboard plowed [T1]

1996-04-28 Soil Preparation Moldboard plowed [T4] ***** Moldboard plowed [T3]

1994-05-06 Soil Preparation Moldboard plowed; reps 2, 3, 4, 5 only [T4] ******** Moldboard plowed; reps 4, 5 only [T3]

1994-05-09 Soil Preparation Moldboard plowed; reps 1, 2, 3, 6 only [T3] ********* Moldboard plowed; reps 1, 6 only [T4] ********* Moldboard plowed; rep 5 only [T1]

1994-05-10 Soil Preparation Moldboard plowed; reps 2, 4, only [T1]

1993-04-28 Soil Preparation Moldboard plowed [T1]

1992-05-15 Soil Preparation Moldboard plowed and disked [T1]

1991-04-25 Soil Preparation Moldboard plowed [T1]

1990-05-25 Soil Preparation Moldboard plowed [T1]

1993-06-01 Soil Preparation Moldboard plowed [Field 41] ******* Moldboard plowed [Field 32]

1989-04-17 Soil Preparation {{PL: Began moldboard plowing of Rep 1 of the Poplar Tree treatment on the Main Site. Map number 1-5}}

1989-04-18 Soil Preparation {{PL: Finished plowing #1-5 and began plowing #3-5 of the Poplar Tree treatment.}}

1989-04-19 Soil Preparation {{PL Finished moldboard plowing Reps 2-5 of the Poplar Tree treatment. Plot numbers plowed today were: 4-5, 5-5, 2-5, and the rest of 3-5 which was started yesterday. Plot number 6-5 was plowed last fall to eliminate the current stand of alfalfa.}}

1989-04-20 Soil Preparation {{PL: <Action>Alfalfa Treatment; Moldboard plowing of the Alfalfa/perennial biomass treatment was begun today. The pfollowing Map #'s were plowed today: 1-6, 2-6, 4-6 and part of 5-6.}}

1989-04-20 Soil Preparation Moldboard plowed [T5, T6] {{PL: Made the second pass with the disk on Poplar plot #1-5 and made both passes on #5-5}}

1989-04-21 Soil Preparation Moldboard plowed [T1] {{PL:Moldboard plowing continued today on the following Map #'s: Conventional--3-1; Native Succ.--2-7 This plot was about 75% completed; Alfalfa -- Copleted 5-6 & all of 3-6, with 6-6 plowed last fall to eliminate the current stand of alfalfa, this completes plowing of this Main Site treatment.}}

1989-04-26 Soil Preparation {{PL: Moldboard plowed all of Native Succ. plot #4-7 and part of #1-7 today. Also plowed all of Conventional corn plot #2-1.}}

1989-05-01 Soil Preparation Moldboard plowed [T7] {{PL: Completed moldboard plowing of plot #1-7 which was begun on April 26.}}

1989-05-08 Soil Preparation {{PL: Moldboard plowed plot #3-7 and began plowing #5-7.}}

1989-05-16 Soil Preparation {{PL: Sprayed all 8 No-till plots (Rotation/Crop #5A & 5B) with 2 quarts/acre Roundup and 20 gallons/acre water. This was done to kill the rye cover crop. 5A will be planted to corn and 5B will be planted to soybeans. Moldboard plowed all but two of the appropriate corn and soybean plots on the Rotation Study today. This included Rotation/Crop plot #'s 1B, 2B, 2C, 3C. Plots 1B and 3C should have been ridge-tilled last season but weren't. It is therefore necessary to plow these this spring and ridges will be established this year. Only plots 2C and 3C in Rep 3 were not plowed today. We ran out of time.}}

1989-05-17 Soil Preparation {{PL: Finished moldboard plowing of the appropriate corn and soybean plots in the Rotation Study today. Rep 3 plots 2B and 3C were plowed today. We then disked and field cultivated all of themoldboard plowed plots. This included the following Rotation/Crop plot #'s: 1B, 2B, 2C and 3C.}}

1989-05-18 Soil Preparation {{PL: Lana Barclay and crew performed various operations on her Hairy Vetch Mgt study in the Ancillary Site today. These operations included flail mowing, moldboard plowing, disking and cultipacking. Check with Dana if you need details on these operations.}}

1994-05-04 Soil Preparation Moldboard plowed; reps 1, 3, 6, only [T1] **EDIT from PL:T1 reps 3, 5, 6.

1994-04-21 Soil Preparation {{PL: Finished plowing Lysimeter field in prep for corn. Moldboard plowed 2,4-D study area, inside stakes.

1988-09-30 Soil Preparation {{PL: Continued plowing Rep 6 of Main Site. }}

1988-09-29 Soil Preparation {{PL: After completing the resurveying of the entire LTER site we began moldboard plowing rep 6 (located on the west side of linear field) of Main Site. In order to make this area as comparable to the soybean field where the other 5 reps are located it was decided to plow down the alfalfa in rep 6 and leave it over the winter. }}

1988-10-06 Soil Preparation {{PL: Resumed plowing of all plots in Main Site Rep 6. }}

2007-08-03 Soil Preparation {{PL: Completed moldboard plowing of Nat. Succ. plot number 5-7 which was begun on May 8. We then disked this plot one time. Five of the six Native Successional plots were field cultivated today. Plot #2-7 was field cultivated on May 12. This completes the tillage on the Native Successional plots. They now will be left to Natively Succeed.}} This ag-log entry does not belong in the year 2007. It sounds like something from 1988 or 1989. Not sure how/why it is put in 2007?