Name: flail mower

1994-12-01 Mechanical Weed Control Cut larger woody plants and laid them near plant, then flail mowed all plots [T8]

1993-05-11 Mechanical Weed Control Flail mowed cover crops [T3, T4]

1993-11-22 Harvest Flail mowed stalks [T1, T2]

1992-08-05 Mechanical Weed Control Flail mowed stubble [T4]

1992-08-24 Mechanical Weed Control Flail mowed stubble [T3]

1991-10-23 Mechanical Weed Control Flail chopped corn stalks [T1, T2]

1991-11-01 Mechanical Weed Control Flail mowed all plots [T8]

1990-11-01 Mechanical Weed Control Flail mowed all plots [T8]

1989-11-01 Mechanical Weed Control Flail mowed all plots [T8]

1997-04-04 Harvest Flailed corn stalks [T3]

1997-04-04 Harvest corn stalks [T4] [flail mow]

1997-04-04 Harvest Flail mowed corn stalks [T1]

1994-04-07 Harvest Flail mowed corn stubble [T3, T4]

1989-05-18 Soil Preparation {{PL: Planted the conventional tilled corn plots in the Rotation Study today. This included Rotation/Crop plot #'s 1B, 2B, & 3C. We used the Buffalo Planter with the following setup: Variety - GL599 from Great Lakes Hybrids; Population- 24,300 seeds/acre (no starter fertilizer or insecticide). We also flail-chopped cover crops on all ridge-till plots (3E, 4A) and on the no-till (5A) corn plots. This is to setback or eliminate the cover crops prior to planting. The no-till plots were sprayed earlier wth Roundup and the rye cover is dead. These plots were mowed simply to chop up the cover so the planter would work better and to eliminate the possibility of shading. The rye cover on the no-till plots was probalby about 24 inches tall when mowed.}}

1989-05-18 Soil Preparation {{PL: Lana Barclay and crew performed various operations on her Hairy Vetch Mgt study in the Ancillary Site today. These operations included flail mowing, moldboard plowing, disking and cultipacking. Check with Dana if you need details on these operations.}}

1996-08-22 Mechanical Weed Control {{PL: ...Had Gary B. flail mow the TRT 4 Soybean weeds in the ROtation Entry Point Study. Looked a lot better. Velvetleaf and lambsquarter were the predominant weeds.}}

1994-05-09 Harvest {{PL: Flail mowed all treatments in vetch management study. }}

1993-05-12 Harvest {{PL: <Action>Rotation; Flail mowed treatments 1b, 3c, 3e, and 4a for all reps. Planted treatments2b and 5a with GL 450 at 26,000 plants per acre with buffalo planter. }}

2014-11-25 Mowing Flail mowed corn stalks

2014-11-25 Mowing Fail mowed

2022-07-25 Mechanical Weed Control Mow ASP 2 prairie strips with brushog to a height of 7-8 inches to suppress weeds. Mow ASP 1 prairie strips with 6' flail mower to a height of 5-8 inches. ASP1F1 not mowed until 7-26.