Name: Hiniker between-row cultivator

1997-06-06 Mechanical Weed Control Hiniker between-row cultivator. Replicates 4,5,6 only [T4]

1996-06-20 Mechanical Weed Control Between-row cultivation done using the Hinicker cultivator with 15” (38.1 cm) sweeps. (replicates 1-5, only) [T3]

1996-06-27 Mechanical Weed Control Between-row cultivation done using the Hinicker cultivator with 15” (38.1 cm) sweeps. Replicate 6 only (cut broadleaf dock roots) [T3]

1996-06-20 Mechanical Weed Control {{PL: Cultivated TRT 3 replicate 6 with red cultivator. Also cultivated TRT 3 reps 1-5 with the hinicker and 7600JD.}}

1993-05-06 Soil Preparation {{PL: <Action>Rotation; Treatment 5a was worked using wide sweeps on Heiniker cultivator at a shallow depth. }}

1993-05-27 Mechanical Weed Control {{PL: <Action>Rotation study; Cultivated treatment 1b with Heiniker using 15” sweeps to try to control the red clover. Corn has not emerged yet and may have trouble with the way the clover was growing. Harvested test strip out of treatment 3b on the alfalfa. This will be for yield testing and moisture. Area harvested was 300 sq. ft.}}

1993-06-24 Mechanical Weed Control {{PL: <Action>Rotation; Cultivated treatments with hiniker using smaller sweeps for all reps. Treatments cultivated were 1b, 1c, 2b, 2c, 3c, 3d, 3e, 4a, 4b, 5a, and 5b. }}

1993-07-12 Soil Preparation {{PL: <Action>Vetch Management; Ridged corn for tillage plots that needed ridging. All reps were ridged with the Hiniker cultivator throwing as much soil as possible. {{PL: <Action>Rotation; Ridged treatment 4a, 1b, 3c for all reps.

1993-07-06 Soil Preparation {{PL: <Action>Rotation; Cultivated treatments 1c, 2c, 3e, 5a, and 5b for all reps. Used Hiniker with small sweeps. }}

1993-07-02 Mechanical Weed Control {{PL: <Action>Main site; Cultivate treatment 3 for all reps on LTER using Hiniker with the small sweeps.

1993-07-07 Soil Preparation {{PL: <Action>Low Input; Ridged treatment with Hiniker cultivator. Threw as much soil as possible, and went fairly deep. Ridged all reps for treatment 3. }}

1989-06-09 Mechanical Weed Control {{PL: Cultivated the following areas today with the Hiniker cultivator: All conventional tilled corn and corn which should be in ridges, but was not yet, in the Rotation Study -- Rotation/Crop #'s 1B, 2B & 3C. We also attempted the actual ridge-till plots but more adjustment was needed to handle the cover crops and I was not available to do it today. ###an cultivating parts of the Vetch Management study under the direction of Dana Barclay. Contact her for details.}}

1989-06-12 Mechanical Weed Control {{PL: Completed cultivating with the Hiniker, the conventional till and ridge-till plots of the Hairy Vetch Mgt. study today, under the direction of Dana Barclay. We did not use the cultivator disks. They were pivoted up. We used the medium length shanks, as opposed to the long ones, which helped a lot in the heavy residue plots. The long ones were working great in the conventional till but just did too much damage on the ridges where we were dealing with a lot of vetch residue, even after flail chopping. By leaving the disks up we seemed to plug up less and cover less corn.}}

1994-07-01 Mechanical Weed Control Cultivated crop, 15” sweeps, disks up [T3, T4] {{PL: Cultivated LTER main site treatments 3 and 4 for all reps. Used Hiniker cultivator with 15” sweeps. Disks were up. }}

1988-08-01 Mechanical Weed Control {{PL: Vetch mgt: Cultivated the soybeans in the Vetch Mgt study today. This included ridging of the appropriate plots. Used the Hiniker and the MF 298.}}

1988-06-29 Mechanical Weed Control {{PL: Rotation study of the Ancillary site: The no-till soybeans (Rotation 5/Crop B) which followed alfalfa killed with 2,4-D did not germinate well at al and, following the irrigation, the alfalfa was beginning to grow well again. For this reason this crop is being abandoned and will be replanted. Today we used the Hiniker cultivator to sweep out the living alfalfa. It took two passes per swath (or four/plot). This will hopefully eliminate the alfalfa without further chemicals. }}

1988-06-28 Mechanical Weed Control {{PL: Used the Hiniker cultivator to cultivate the soybeans in the Rotation study of the Ancillary site. This was the second cultivation of the soybeans. }}

1988-06-13 Mechanical Weed Control {{PL: Jim B. used the Hiniker cultivator (with rotary hoe units down) to cultivate the corn in the Rotation study. These plots look great right now. The weed control is complete. The dry weather is no doubt helping us here. If it continues to look this good Dow Chemical is out of business!