Name: Jacto DJB-20 backpack sprayer

2024-04-23 Herbicide Application sprayed G5 and G7 with 48 oz/acre glyphosate with Jacto backpack sprayer and 4 tip boom.

2023-04-03 Herbicide Application sprayed Glyphosate to kill weeds in G5. sprayed only under the shelters on April 3, then sprayed rest of plots on April 10.

2023-05-23 Herbicide Application Sprayed G5 with glyphosate to kill weeds prior to switchgrass emergence.

2024-05-02 Herbicide Application applied glyphosate to kill weeds in preparation to plant switchgrass treatment 3, Cedar Creek.

2024-05-14 Herbicide Application hand sprayed glyphosate around smaller trees to keep weeds under control