Name: Monosem 5" row Planter (New 2023)

2023-05-19 Planting Started planting field ASP1F1 with soybeans using Monosem 10" row new precision planter. Planted north headlands and east portion of field (about 10 acres) before rain. had some trouble on north headlands with getting enough down pressure to get seed planted as deep as desired.

2023-05-19 Planting Planted 10" row spacing plots with Monosem Planter

2023-09-13 Planting Planted winter canola in field ASP2F1 (94) with Monosem 10" row planter. Planted 1/2" deep - soil conditions were slightly wet so didn't have great seed trench closure in some areas.

2023-09-14 Planting Planted plurax winter canola in LTAR main site ASP2 plots using Monosem planter in 10" rows no-till. Seed planted 1/2 inch deep. Seed spacing within each row was approximately 2.75 inches apart.

2023-09-15 Planting Planted plural winter canola in north 3/4 of field A1 with Monosem planter in 10" rows. Planted seed 1/2 inch deep into tilled soil. The south 1/4 of field was planted to a canola variety trial.

2023-09-25 Soil Preparation Soil finish D2 perpendicular to planting direction and E2 parallel with planting direction. Plant D2 wheat rate study with MCIA Warf wheat seed at 0.4, 0.8, 1.2, and 1.6 million seeds per acre in both 5" row space (monosem) and 7.5" row space (drill).

2023-09-29 Soil Preparation Soil finish B1 perpendicular to planting direction on 9/28 (36 no-till). Plant AgiMAXX 513, Dyna-Gro 9070, MCIA Warf, and KWS 405 at 1.2 million seeds per acre in 7.5" and 15" row spacing with JD 750 drill and JD 7420 tractor (Josh) and 5", 10", and 15" row spacing with Monosem and JD 6R tractor (Patric). Planting started on 9/29 and completed 9/30.

2023-10-12 Planting Plant four 30' strips of wheat with Monosem with 5" row spacing alternating with 30' drilled. The rest of the fields was drilled. In F2 the first strip in 30' north of the prairie strip. In F1 the strips are south of the pond lab ponds.

2024-04-26 Planting Planted soybeans with Monosem planter for planting methods study. Planted 90 feet on south end of A1 in FSC, and south end of B1 in FSC. Used various rates and row spacings for project protocol