Name: Sunflower 26' Soil Finisher

2022-05-11 Soil Preparation Soil finished BAU1 fields with sunflower soil finisher. Went over BAU1F2 twice, but only once on BAU1F1.

2023-04-10 Soil Preparation Bau Corn Dry fertilizer application. 100 lbs for urea with .22 lbs of nitrain express, 100 lbs of AMS, 140 lbs of MES10, 75 lbs of potash, .69 lbs of Borosol 10, and .22 lbs of of Titan XC per acre for a rate of 416.13 per acre. Fertilizer was field cultivated in on the same day with sunflower soil finisher.

2023-04-11 Soil Preparation soil finished BAU soybean fields. Sunflower soil finisher was run 2 times with the rolling harrow being used on the last pass.