Name: Roller Crimper - Red 10'

2021-05-27 Planting Roller crimped cereal rye and no-till planted black beans in FSC field F2. Ran short of Zenith black beans on the last two passes in the middle of the field, so supplemented those two passes with VNS black beans harvested from KBS plots in 2020.

2021-05-18 Soil Preparation Planting Green: Roller crimp T5 Rye. Roll down T6 rye with cultipacker. Spray T4,5,6 with 32 oz./acre Roundup Power Max. Spray T2 with 16 oz. Roundup Power Max and 6 oz. Zidua Pro per acre.

2021-05-18 Soil Preparation Roller crimp rye ahead of planting. Spray herbicide after planting.

2021-05-20 Planting Hemp: Fertilize entire field with urea AMS blend. Roller crimp T3,4. Erin Burns Sprayed herbicide. Plant 47.5 lbs./acre bailobreskie industrial hemp with no till drill, 1/2" deep.

2022-05-23 Soil Preparation Use roller crimper and cultipacker to lay down rye in planting green treatments. The rye was small and sprang back up most of the way.