Name: John Deere 6175M Tractor

2018-06-26 Harvest Round baled cover crop and wrapped bales in plastic wrap, in GLBRC trap crop, G3, G4 and 3 plots in rep 6, and half of area along 40th St. Harvested a total of 37,220 lbs (wet weight) using 33 round bales.

2018-07-17 Fertilizer Application Spread 100 lbs of stabilized Urea per acre on Cover Crop plots that are planted in G3, G4, part of the trap crop area, 3 plots in rep 6, and half of the plots by 40th St.

2018-08-22 Harvest August 22, 2018: Harvested (mowed/windrowed) cover crop (sorghum / sudangrass) in G3 and G4 today. Also harvested the GLBRC bait crop area today: the area behind the Tappen House (brown house), the middle 30' of the bait crop area on the east and south sides, and the north 30' of the area on the north side. The north half of the front plots along 40th st. (next to the Bergner House), and 3 plots in rep 6 area (the 4, 5, and 6 plots from the west end of reps 6 area). Equipment used: John Deere 3430 mower/conditioner. August 23, 2018: Round baled and plastic wrapped sorghum sudan cover crop in G3, G4, Bait Crop, 3 plots in Rep 6 and 40th St. Plots in GLBRC. August 24, 2018: Picked-up bales from the field.

2021-05-12 Planting Planted corn in LTAR plots in LTAR North Field. Plots were established using RTK GPS on the John Deere tractors. Corn was seeded at 2.5 inches deep to make sure to place seed in uniform moist soil, as the surface had dried substantially.

2021-05-12 Planting Planted corn for LTAR preparation year. Field boundary was re-established in relation to the LTAR plots that were established in adjacent fields.

2021-05-18 Planting Planted soybeans in FSC field A2 for planting green study

2021-08-09 Harvest Raked and baled the sorghum Sudan hybrid with the intended use for LTER soil amendments in combination with the REX project. Made 19 round bales (58" diameter) between the two fields.

2022-05-13 Planting Planted corn in BAU1 plots in LTAR. Planted seed 2" deep in 30" rows.

2022-05-16 Planting Planted corn in 30" rows at 2" deep. Planted no till into existing residue in ASP1F1. Used variable rate seeding ranging from 24,000-32,000 seeds per acre.

2022-05-16 Planting Planted corn in 30" rows, 2" deep.

2022-05-13 Planting Planted corn in 30" rows, 2" deep in ASP1F2 Field as well as ASP1 plots. Corn was planted no-till into existing residue. Field scale corn was seeded using variable rate ranging from 24000-32000 seeds per acre. Fertilizer was applied 2" deep, 2" to the side of the corn row. Avipel seed treatment was applied as a dry product to the seed to limit sandhill crane predation.

2021-03-25 Soil Preparation Chisel plow at 9" deep 5.5 MPH

2021-04-27 Planting Corn planting with 6x30 deere 1780 30lbs of down force, precision pickup meters set on XL round, ground speed 4.5-5MPH. 60F + soil temp with ideal 7 day forecast.

2022-04-11 Planting Planted soft white spring wheat in LTAR ACSE ASP3 fields and plots. Also included 5 gallons of 10-34-0 fertilizer in furrow. Planted 3/4" deep in 7.5 inch rows, no tilled. In field ASP3F1, the grain drill had a blockage in one of the seed tubes, which resulted in one row not planting for an unknown area. There were also two row units that planted too deep for part of the field - the depth control failed at some point during the course of planting the field. The wheat seed was treated with a fungicide.

2022-10-03 Planting Planted wheat in planting equipment trial for Patrick Copeland and Dennis Pennington. Trial included multiple types of planters.

2022-10-04 Planting Planted soft red winter wheat (sunburst variety) in LTAR ACSE plots and fields. Planted 1" deep with no till grain drill. Included 10-34-0 liquid fertilizer in furrow with wheat seed. Finished planting ASP2F1 on 10/5/22.

2022-09-30 Planting Planted wheat in FSC Plots, 1.5" deep with liquid fertilizer in furrow.

2022-10-05 Planting Planted wheat in FSC plot, 1" deep no tillage and fertilizer in furrow.

2022-10-06 Planting Planted wheat no-till 1" deep with liquid fertilizer in furrow. Planted plots 101, 102 and west border north and south, but the alley space was too small for it to work effectively. Planted the remainder of the field east and west.

2022-10-06 Planting Planted wheat 1" deep with liquid fertilizer in furrow

2022-10-10 Planting Planted wheat in LTAR ASP2F2 3/4" deep with no till drill in 7.5 inch rows. Applied fertilizer in furrow with wheat seed.

2022-08-26 Planting Planted forage mixture in LTAR ASP4 treatment of ACSE experiment. Mixture included three varieties of alfalfa, two varieties of red clover, one variety of forage chicory, and Italian ryegrass. Planted 1/2 inch deep in 7.5 inch rows.

2022-09-21 Planting Planted winter canola in LTAR ACSE ASP3 plots and fields. Planted with John Deere no till drill in 15" wide row spacing, 1" deep. Included 10-34-0 liquid fertilizer in furrows at 7.5" row spacing at 8 gallons per acre.

2022-09-16 Harvest Round baled and wrapped cover crop mixture that was mowed on 9/14/22.

2022-06-17 Harvest Baled and wrapped forage mixture from LTAR ACSE ASP5 plots.

2022-07-29 Harvest Baled and wrapped forage mixture in LTAR ACSE ASP5 plots that was mowed on 7/28.

2022-08-31 Harvest Baled and wrapped forage mixture that was mowed on 8/30/22.

2017-05-10 Planting No-till planted corn in M1 using variable rate seeding based on historic yield maps. Rates ranged from 24K - 34K seeds per acre. Included 28% UAN Fertilizer 2 inches beside the row and 2 inches below the soil surface.

2017-05-27 Planting Replanted approximately 1/2 acre of corn along southeast edge where sandhill cranes had eaten seeds

2020-05-05 Planting Planted corn using variable rate seeding and no-till in M1 field. Included starter fertilizer 2x2. The 5 acres on the west side of the field was Pioneer P0414AM instead of P0306Q for the variety.

2017-05-10 Planting Planted corn variable rate based on historic yield maps. Rates ranged from 20K-28K seeds per acre, averaging around 25K per acre. Included starter fertilizer 2x2.

2020-05-04 Planting Planted corn in L1 field no-till using variable rate seeding, ranging from 19K-28K. Included starter fertilizer 2x2.

2022-05-13 Fertilizer Application Applied solid manure (70% moisture) to ASP1 plots in LTAR site. Did not apply manure to NO-Manure Microplots, which were covered with a tarp during the manure application. Applied at a rate of 16,000 lbs manure per acre, which equated to a total of 88 lbs N, 43 lbs P2O5, and 124 lbs K2O per acre. Manure was not incorporated, so the expectation is that only 25% of the nitrogen would be available to the crop primarily due to ammonia volatilization losses.

2021-05-01 Planting Corn planting VRT with an average seed drop of 27797 seeds per acre stater was applied with frame mounted 2x2 coulters Soil was very dry and hard from the above average temps and below average precipitation

2022-05-12 Planting -

2022-05-12 Planting Corn planting with Deere 6175m and 1780 6 row Starter was applied with 2x2 frame mounted coulters Planting conditions were ideal with good soil moisture and a 60–70 degree temp 7-day outlook

2021-05-11 Planting VRT corn planting with Deere 6175m and 1780 6 row starter was applied with 2x2 frame mounted fertilizer openers " 2 gallons extra of 10-34-0 per acre was added to make up for low soil test P. soil was hard from the above normal temp and low rain fall had to max out down force to get to depth. headlands on this field are washing out, and are very ruff. Poor planter performance in these areas herbicide activity will be reduced as well .

2022-05-10 Planting VRT corn planting with Deere 6175m and 1780 6 row planter applied seed rate was 27172 with a high of 31500 to a low of 23000 seeds per acre. Corn starter was applied with 2x2 frame mounted fertilizer openers " 2 gallons more of 10-34-0 was applied due to low soil test P". Wash outs on this field have gotten significantly worse, corn planter performance and herbicide activity will be reduced in these areas.

2022-04-12 Planting Canola Planting

2022-08-03 Planting Planted sorghum sudan, pearl millet and sunn hemp in the LTAR ASP3 fields with a no-till drill in 7.5" rows. Seeds were placed approximately 1" deep.

2023-07-14 Harvest Baled straw in ASP2 plots with round baler - approximately 3 bales per plot.

2023-08-16 Planting Planted perennial forage mixture in LTAR ASP3 fields and plots. Planted seed 1/4 inch deep using a no-till grain drill. Row spacing was 7.5" wide. Setting on small box on drill was 8.5. Volunteer canola and some weeds were still green in the field at planting time. A couple of seed tubes were plugged in ASP3R4, and also one time in ASP3F2 from residue in the seed mix. Red clover and alfalfa seeds were coated with a mineral based material that enhances water uptake and rhizobium innoculated.

2023-09-13 Planting Planted winter canola in field ASP2F1 (94) with Monosem 10" row planter. Planted 1/2" deep - soil conditions were slightly wet so didn't have great seed trench closure in some areas.

2023-09-14 Planting Planted plurax winter canola in LTAR main site ASP2 plots using Monosem planter in 10" rows no-till. Seed planted 1/2 inch deep. Seed spacing within each row was approximately 2.75 inches apart.

2023-09-15 Planting Planted plural winter canola in north 3/4 of field A1 with Monosem planter in 10" rows. Planted seed 1/2 inch deep into tilled soil. The south 1/4 of field was planted to a canola variety trial.

2023-05-12 Planting Planted Corn in LTAR ACSE ASP5 Plots using no-till methods. Previous cover crop had been sprayed a week earlier, and was senescing but still partially green. Planted seed approximately 2" deep.

2023-05-05 Planting Planted corn in BAU2 treatment of ACSE in tilled soil. Planted seed 2" deep.

2022-09-15 Harvest Round baled and wrapped cover crop mixture that was mowed on 9/14/22.

2023-07-06 Fertilizer Application Fertilized LTAR ACSE ASP5 plots with sidedress nitrogen knifed between corn rows