Name: John Deere 6170M Tractor

2016-04-18 Soil Preparation Used Disc and tractor with loader to fix washouts throughout field. After smoothing out washouts, wheat straw was unrolled to help hold the soil until corn plants could grow through.

2024-04-24 Fertilizer Application Apply swine manure to T2&3 of Swine Manure project Using Slinger manure spreader. Equipment operated by Rob. Plots are 0.30 acres each. Target rate 8 ton/acre or 4800lbs/plots. Amount applied: 101-t2 4040 lbs., 102-t3 5000lbs., 201-t3 4820lbs. 202-t2 4100 lbs., 302-t2 4480lbs., 303-t3 4680 lbs., 402-t2 5000 lbs., 403-t2 5380 lbs.