Name: New Holland BR7060 Cropcutter Baler (round baler)

2016-11-11 Harvest Mowed and baled stover at Marshall Farm corn field (M1). ~ 82 total bales were taken from the field. 10:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. was baling time. Does not include set up and travel time. Matt removed bales from the field on Saturday and Monday (Gary helped on Monday).

2016-11-10 Harvest Mowed and baled stover at Lux Arbor. 32 total bales were taken from the field. 12:30 - 5:00 was baling time. Does not include set up and travel time.

2017-06-12 Harvest KBS Dairy round baled T6 alfalfa plots. Bales were wrapped in plastic for silage bales and taken to the dairy where they were weighed.

2018-06-26 Harvest Round baled cover crop and wrapped bales in plastic wrap, in GLBRC trap crop, G3, G4 and 3 plots in rep 6, and half of area along 40th St. Harvested a total of 37,220 lbs (wet weight) using 33 round bales.

2018-08-22 Harvest August 22, 2018: Harvested (mowed/windrowed) cover crop (sorghum / sudangrass) in G3 and G4 today. Also harvested the GLBRC bait crop area today: the area behind the Tappen House (brown house), the middle 30' of the bait crop area on the east and south sides, and the north 30' of the area on the north side. The north half of the front plots along 40th st. (next to the Bergner House), and 3 plots in rep 6 area (the 4, 5, and 6 plots from the west end of reps 6 area). Equipment used: John Deere 3430 mower/conditioner. August 23, 2018: Round baled and plastic wrapped sorghum sudan cover crop in G3, G4, Bait Crop, 3 plots in Rep 6 and 40th St. Plots in GLBRC. August 24, 2018: Picked-up bales from the field.

2019-11-04 Mowing Ryan Anthony flail mowed corn stover in G1 main plots: Reps 1, 5, 4, 2, & 3. Corn stover was mowed into windrows so that they could be bailed. The 6 rows (15 ft) in the west micro-plots of each rep were not mowed. Equipment Used: JD 7420a tractor and Loftness 15 ft Draper Windrower Shredder. Howard Straub III (from the KBS Dairy Center) baled the corn stover on November 4, 2019. Equipment Used: JD 6155M tractor and NH 7060 Cropcutter round baler.

2019-12-05 Harvest Mowed and baled corn stover at Lux Arbor corn field (L1).

2019-12-17 Harvest test

2021-08-09 Harvest Raked and baled the sorghum Sudan hybrid with the intended use for LTER soil amendments in combination with the REX project. Made 19 round bales (58" diameter) between the two fields.

2022-09-16 Harvest Round baled and wrapped cover crop mixture that was mowed on 9/14/22.

2022-06-17 Harvest Baled and wrapped forage mixture from LTAR ACSE ASP5 plots.

2022-07-29 Harvest Baled and wrapped forage mixture in LTAR ACSE ASP5 plots that was mowed on 7/28.