Name: John Deere H360 Front End Loader

2021-03-22 Harvest Mowed and baled corn stover at Marshall Farm corn field (M1). See attachment for yield. Stover was to wet in the fall of 2020 to mow and bale so we waited until spring of 2021 to mow and bale the corn stover from Marshall Farm. 60 bales were removed from the field.

2022-12-06 Harvest Mowed and baled prairie at Marshall. See attached for yields

2022-12-07 Harvest flail mowed/windrowed and baled corn stalks at Lux Arbor. See attached for yields

2023-04-11 Harvest Used Loftness flail mower to windrow 12 rows of corn stalks. Baled stalks with Krone baler. picked up bales and took to Kellogg Farm. Material very dry. Scaled weights(1: 19 bales @ 12,100 pounds 2: 19 bales @ 12,500 lbs.) Moisture from 4 grab samples: 8.7%, 6.4%, 8.0%, 6.6%