Name: John Deere 6155R Tractor

2016-06-30 Planting Brook Wilke planted soybeans in the area to the north of the GLBRC drive (just as you drive in the main gate). I planted the soybeans in the GLBRC plots with Dairyland DS-2110, with the 1590 drill (6155R tractor). The population was at 210K / acre, and I set the drill for 1.75" deep.

2016-04-30 Planting Planted corn and applied starter fertilizer (recorded as pounds of N per acre) Planted east 2/3 of field on 4/30 and finished planting on 5/6/16. Corn was planted at variable rate, ranging from 22K - 33K per acre, using historical yield maps to guide planting rate decisions.

2016-11-11 Harvest Mowed and baled stover at Marshall Farm corn field (M1). ~ 82 total bales were taken from the field. 10:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. was baling time. Does not include set up and travel time. Matt removed bales from the field on Saturday and Monday (Gary helped on Monday).

2016-05-06 Planting Planted corn and applied starter fertilizer. Fertilizer recorded is in pounds of N per acre. Planting was variable rate on seeds per acre, ranging from 20K - 28K per acre, depending on previous yield maps. Finished planting on 5/7/16

2017-04-12 Fertilizer Application Broadcast applied dry fertilizer to M1 field

2017-04-13 Fertilizer Application Applied dry fertilizer to L1 field using rental fertilizer spreader.