Name: Kuker Sprayer

2012-09-18 Mechanical Weed Control Mixed glyphosate @ 2 qts and 2-4-E ester at 1 qt and 30 gallons water /acre with short boom and Kukor Sprayer. Did not spray the 4 control plots

2013-05-15 Mechanical Weed Control Sprayed U05f, U09t, and U13a with a mixture of glyphosate @ 2qts of product and activator 90 surfactant at 1 pint of product per 100 gallons of solution plus AMS ammonium sulfate at 17 lbs/acre of product with 30 gallons per acre water.

2013-05-31 Mechanical Weed Control JD 5083E tractor with Kuker sprayer sprayed a mixture of Pendulum Aqua Cap and Scepter on U05f-2013 GLBRC biomass crop trial.

2013-06-05 Mechanical Weed Control Used Quinclorac as a substitute for Paramount or Drive over the 4 Miscanthus plots. 6.5 ozs / acre mixed with 60 gallons water /acre and Atrazine 4L 2.5 lbs/acre. Area size was .4 acres and used about 2.6 ozs of product. The protocol called for 5.3 oz ma

2015-06-11 Mechanical Weed Control Sprayed miscanthus for weed control after planting rhizomes. sprayed 1 pound/a quinclorac + 32 ounce/a 2, 4-D ester + 1% COC. 30 gallons of water per acre with Kukor 100-gallon tank with five 8004 nozzles @ 40 PSI

2017-04-24 Mechanical Weed Control Applied 32 ounces per acre glyphosate to all miscanthus plots to control perennial weeds.