Name: John Deere Chisel Plow

2014-05-20 Soil Preparation Chisel plowed 1X to kill covers and weeds. chisel plowed to depth of 8", 4 mph.

2014-05-31 Soil Preparation chisel plowed all soybean and corn treatment (except no-till). chisel plowed twice C12 & C13 with the clover and ryegrass to better break up and incorporate cover crops.

2014-08-06 Soil Preparation chisel plowed wheat ground in preparation for planting cover crops. chisel plowed 2x, 6-8" deep.

2019-05-17 Soil Preparation Chisel plowed and field cultivated microplots.

2021-04-23 Soil Preparation Chisel plowed and soil finished the tilled micro-plot areas in field M1 at Marshall Farm. Plots were both chiseled and soil finished twice in opposite directions, north and south. Tilled micro-plots are the west side micro-plots

2021-04-20 Soil Preparation Chisel plow entire field

2021-04-27 Soil Preparation West half of 27-1-2 and 27-3-2, organic transition microplots, were chisel plowed and soil finished.

2021-05-07 Soil Preparation Chisel plow B2-east.