Name: John Deere 5225

2014-04-09 Planting

2014-04-17 Fertilizer Application 67 lbs N/A

2014-04-17 Fertilizer Application 54 lbs K2O/A

2014-04-17 Fertilizer Application 40 lbs K2O/A

2014-05-12 Soil Preparation rototilled early termination half of cover crops: annual ryegrass & red clover. rototilled all of radish treatment. depth: 3-4 inches, speed: 3 mph

2014-05-20 Mechanical Weed Control Sprayed all treatments with 2014 Corn. used same rate of herbicide whether it had cover or not.

2014-05-20 Mechanical Weed Control sprayed all treatments with 2014 soybeans. rye height 6-12"

2014-05-20 Soil Preparation rototilled late termination cover crops(red clover and annual ryegrass) tilled to depth of 4", twice, to get the cover crop broken into small pieces. rototilled early termination cover crops, including radish treatment, to kill any remaining growing covers.

2014-05-31 Planting planted organic corn @ 30k/A, hybrid Viking O.7292N

2014-05-31 Planting planted soybean @ 190k/A, variety Blue River 19AR1

2014-05-31 Planting planted conventional corn @ 30k/A, Dekalb DKC52-59

2014-05-31 Planting planted conventional soybeans @ 150k/A, Pioneer 92Y53

2014-07-06 Mechanical Weed Control cultivated all corn and soybean treatments. the corn is to tall for any future cultivation.

2014-08-25 Mechanical Weed Control sprayed all wheat plots to kill volunteer wheat and newly germinating weeds. 26 oz Roundup Max + 17 lb/100 gal AMS

2014-09-16 Mechanical Weed Control Flail mow red clover plots to control weeds.

2014-09-18 Mechanical Weed Control Rototill plot edges.

2014-10-27 Fertilizer Application

2014-10-27 Soil Preparation

2014-11-07 Planting Broadcast 112 lbs/A cereal rye

2015-03-18 Planting Frost seed 12lbs/A red clover.

2015-04-14 Fertilizer Application Apply 67 lbs N/acre to wheat.

2015-05-08 Fertilizer Application Apply 40 lbs/A K2O to corn plots.

2015-05-08 Fertilizer Application Apply 55 lbs/A K2O to soy bean plots.

2015-05-15 Soil Preparation

2015-05-18 Planting Plant corn, Dekalb DKC52-84RIB AR. Rate: 31,000 seeds per acre

2015-05-18 Planting Plant soybeans, Stine 20RD20 15332100. Rate: 155,000 seeds per acre

2015-06-10 Planting Plant Viking 0.7292N corn at 30K seeds/A.

2015-06-10 Planting Plant Blue River 19AR1 soy beans at 190K seeds/A.

2015-08-17 Mechanical Weed Control

2015-08-20 Mechanical Weed Control

2015-08-25 Mechanical Weed Control Top weeds.

2016-03-21 Planting plant 12 lbs PLS of clover per acre (16 lbs per acre of pre inoculated seed)

2016-03-22 Fertilizer Application Apply 67 lbs N to wheat as urea

2021-03-19 Fertilizer Application Field 85, C3E, C3W; apply pelleted poultry manure from Herbruck's with lime spreader. 85 15000 lbs, C3E 4000 lbs, C3W 4000 lbs.

2021-03-23 Fertilizer Application Apply 4500 lbs pelletized poultry manure to B2W

2021-04-02 Planting Oats: fertilize oat area with 90 lbs N, 13.5 lbs S, (60 lbs K2O 3-22-2021) per acre. Plant oat variety trial with cone seeder.