Name: 30 gallon Boom sprayer

2013-05-09 Mechanical Weed Control Sprayed with 10' boom with spray overlap between rows of popular

2013-05-09 Mechanical Weed Control narrowed boom to spray 10' by blocking out nozzles to make it an equal 4 passes with sprayer. sprayed driving North - South.

2013-06-05 Mechanical Weed Control treatments 5, 7, and 10 were sprayed with 1 quart / acre Roundup Max plus 17 lb sprayable grade Ammonium Sulfate /100 gal water with a carrier of 20 gal/acre of water to control new weed growth.

2013-07-22 Mechanical Weed Control Applied Quinclorac, 2, 4-D ester, plus Crop Oil Concentrate at 1% solution with boom sprayer with 20 gal/A water as carrier to treatments 5 & 7 for weed control.

2013-07-22 Mechanical Weed Control Sprayed miscanthus plots for quackgrass regrowth, small weeds, and a very tall, thick stand of horsenettle. Sprayed a high rate of 2, 4-D ester to target the horsenettle. The Quinclorac and Atrazine was applied to target the grass weeds and quackgrass. applied with boom sprayer with 20 gal/A water as carrier.

2014-04-21 Mechanical Weed Control sprayed Scepter 70 DF at 5.6 oz/Acre. drove between all tree rows with boom set to 7.5 feet width. the trees were to short to spray under tree buds, so pendimethalin was not applied. most trees were bushy, 1-2 feet tall.

2015-05-23 Mechanical Weed Control Sprayed miscanthus for weed control. Used 15' boom sprayer with 5225 JD tractor. 20 gal/a water, 8 oz/a Quinclorac, 16 oz/a 2-4, D ester

2017-04-24 Mechanical Weed Control sprayed 32 oz/acre 2,4D ester to control broadleaves in G7. used boom sprayer with 20 gal/acre water carrier.