Name: Great Plains Drill (4ft)

2008-05-19 Planting Planted oats between the poplar tree columns (rows) at 3 bu/A. Todd Martin planted with JD 5225 and 4 ft wide Great Plains drill.

2021-07-27 Soil Preparation fertilize, soil finish, and plant cover crop trial.

2021-07-30 Planting Plant Christy Spray cover crop plots.

2021-10-20 Planting Fertilize fields at 30 lbs. N, 50 lbs. P, 10 lbs. S per acre with a blend of MAP, AMS, and urea. Plant winter barley trials in D2 and rye trial on north edge of E2.

2022-04-12 Soil Preparation South portion of E2 was fertilized at 50-0-40-10 lbs./acre N-P-K-S, then disked and planed with spring barley variety trial. South portion of B0 was fertilized at 70-0-60-15 lbs./acre N-P-K-S, then disked and planed with oat variety trial.

2022-10-03 Planting Plant winter malting barley trial south of the wheat trial. 46 varieties of barley and two of rye. plot 101 is in the SE corner of the trial.

2022-10-04 Planting Plant rye trial in the south half of A3-E.

2022-10-21 Soil Preparation Disk fields twice. plant wheat trial in C2 with great plains drill / cone seeder. Fill in rest on fields with whale wheat at 155 lbs./acre. equipment was clean before use.

2023-05-30 Soil Preparation Fertilize the west part of the field at 100 lbs. N and 36 lbs. S per acre; soil finish to incorporate. Plant hemp variety trial seed: Brook drove, and Josh loaded seed packets into the cone seeder. The area was then sprayed with Sonalan.

2023-09-14 Soil Preparation Soil finish field and plant canola variety trial. Half inch seeding depth. Blake drove the tractor and Josh loaded seed into the drill.

2023-09-26 Planting Plant winter barley variety trial. Dean drove the tractor and Josh loaded seed into the drill. Plot 101 in NW corner.