Name: Bobcat Sprayer

2012-03-30 Fertilizer Application Pre-emergent Herbicide Application for the south (S, 2010) and center south (CS, 2011) miscanthus plantings. Miscanthus plants are just beginning to spike due to unseasonably warm spring weather.

2012-04-16 Herbicide Application Broad leaf herbicide control in R1 and R2 Switchgrass

2012-05-04 Herbicide Application Broadleaf herbicide application to some G5 plots and Auxiliary perennial grasses (601, 603, 604, and 605)

2012-05-04 Herbicide Application Pre-emergence Herbicide Application to 2012 Miscanthus Planting: G6 Center-North quarter

2013-05-24 Herbicide Application Burndown on the northern section of the plot; 2013 planting (N); First application was not effective