Name: Meyer 3118 forage wagon

2011-10-28 Harvest Corn Stover Harvest - Eastern 75' feet of each plot harvested

2012-10-09 Harvest Corn stover harvest. Because of the difficulty coordinating micro- and main-plot harvests this year, corn stover was removed after both main- and micro-plots had been harvested for G2 and G3, but between main- and micro-plot harvests for G1. Stover yields and harvest efficiencies were considerably lower this year relative to past years likely due to the extreme summer drought.

2013-11-08 Harvest Corn stover harvest

2013-10-25 Harvest G1 corn main plot harvest (middle 60' or 24 rows).

2013-06-04 Harvest Cover crop harvest

2014-04-11 Harvest G5, G6 Spring harvest to remove standing weed biomass from the plots. Cutting height was between 2 - 6 inches. Removed biomass and dumped away from field. This is done to help facilitate proper herbicide applications. Yield data was not collected for this harvest.

2014-05-28 Harvest Harvest rye cover crop

2014-05-30 Harvest Harvest cover crop biomass (rye)

2015-12-08 Harvest Corn Stover Harvest - soil was a little wet because we were waiting for snow to melt to get in and harvest

2014-10-30 Harvest corn stover harvest cutting height ~3"

2014-11-09 Harvest corn stover harvest

2014-04-14 Soil Preparation Flail harvest biomass to facilitate proper herbicide application

2015-05-20 Harvest cover crop harvest

2016-05-18 Harvest Harvested Rye/Pea cover crop in G2/G3/G4 R1-R4

2016-05-19 Harvest Harvested Rye/Pea cover crop in G2, G3 and G4