Name: CAS RW-05L Wheel Scales

2011-10-10 Harvest Harvest of cut and windrowed biomass systems at the WI BCST. The stations JD Chopper was used. Material was chopped into a Miller Pro 8015 dump wagon. The wagon was then weighed on 4 CAS RW-05L wheel scales. The scale weights were summed and from this number the empty wagon weight was subtracted. Main-plots and East (check) micro-plots only

2011-10-10 Harvest Biomass weighing at WICST: Andrew Dean, James Tesmer, and Kraig Weber used pitch forks to load cut biomass onto a hay wagon. The wagon was then run over two CAS RW-05L wheel scales (one axle at a time) and then the wagon weight was removed from the total weights.