Name: Versatile 400 Swather

2011-07-20 Harvest Canola Swathing - E and W edges (5') swathed first followed by the border between main and micro-plots (full 11' swath). Data will not be collected from these. Areas were then recorded for each plot for the ”main plot”, ”micro-plot” (W), and ”micro-plot check” (E). Combining is scheduled to occur in 1 week.

2011-10-07 Harvest Windrowing Switchgrass, High Diversity Prairie, and Low Diversity Prairie and the WICST trial on the East Side of the Arlington Ag. Research Station.

2012-10-16 Harvest Harvest of WICST 500 block (perennial grass systems). Plots were cut to a 6” height using a swather, and then hand raked and weighed using a small wagon with 4 load cells (one for each wheel). Cutting height = 6”

2012-10-29 Harvest G9 micro-plot harvest. Micro-plots were cut using the Versitile 400 swather (11.32' cutting head), raked by hand, and weighed using a small wagon and 4 load cells. It was felt that given the drought and lack of biomass in the old field that this method would provide more reliable numbers for the G9 micro-plots than using the large scale equipment that is used in most years. Cutting height = 6”

2013-10-18 Harvest Micro plot harvest. Due to the small amount of biomass the old field microplots were cut with the swather then hand harvested by a crew of 4 people.