Name: Brillion Sure Stand 12' Seeder SS12 with packer

2010-04-02 Planting Planted grass in all GLBRC main site interior alleyways. Alleys were prepared by working up with JD 726 15' soil finisher connected to JD7520 tractor: 2 passes (in opposite directions) were used on all areas to loosen and smooth soil surfaces. Alleys were worked to within 4-6 inches of the edge of the research plots. Following soil work-up, alleys were seeded using a Brillion SureStand 12' (Seeder SS12). Two passes were used in all areas: passes were in opposite directions to ensure uniformity of seeding. Seeding was to within 2-4 inches of the edge of plots. All East-West alleys were worked first on 3/31 and 4/1 and seeded at 660 lbs grass / acre (15 lbs/1000 sq ft). Following East-West alley seeding, North-South alleys were worked as described and seeded, starting on 4/1 and finishing on 4/2. Seeding was again conducted using two passes of the Brillion seeder but the seeding rate was lowered to 310 lbs grass / acre (7.1 lbs/1000 sq ft). A higher seeding rate on the E/W alleys were thought to help promote quick establishment to allow plot planting, without damage to the alleys, later this spring. Seed was obtained through Winfield Solutions LLc, St. Paul MN and was Tradename EARTHCARPET GREEN RESISTOR TURFGRASS BLEND, which is a mixture of Oregon Certified Seed of SR8650 Tall Fescue (49.89%), Grande II Tall Fescue (24.91%) and SR8550 Tall Fescue (24.83%) [inert matter 0.37%]. Approximately 8,500 lbs of seed was used to plant the approximately 15.25 acres of alleys. Weather conditions were mostly sunny, temperatures varying from 60s to 80°F, winds varying from calm to gusts of 20+ mph. Following planting on 4/2, 0.25 inch of rain was received on the night of 4/2-4/3.

2010-11-03 Planting Planted grass in LTER main site alleyways. Alleyways which were seeded were on the north end of replicate 5, south of all plots along B Avenue, and area immediately to west of Cellulosic Ethanol Study. Seeded areas were seeded with the Brillion SS12 seeder in 2-3 complete passes over all areas. Soil had been previously worked up with chisle plow, subsoiler, disc harrow, and soil finisher, however, in the ensuing 3-4 weeks we had received a couple of rains so the soil was somewhat packed down. It was determined that 2-3 passes of the Brillion's packers loosened the soil sufficient to allow the seed to obtain good contact with the soil and for a significant amount of seed to be buried. 825 pounds of seed were used to cover an area of approximately 3.3 acres. This worked out to be approximately 250 lbs/A. An additional 50 pounds approximately was hand seeded at intersections with other drives and at the start and end of the alleys that were seeded. The mixture of seed used was Kalamazoo Wear Green Mix from Kalamazoo Landscape Supply. Kalamazoo Wear Green Mix was composed of 33.25% 2nd Millennium Tall Fescue, 33.22% Lexington Tall Fescue, 33.16% of Kalahari Tall Fescue, and 0.33% inert matter; the seed mix had a stated germination rate of 85%. Weather conditions at time of planting were cold and mostly cloudy (39 degrees F).

2010-10-06 Planting Seeded turf grass around the LTER Main Site Lysimeter field weather station and the alleyway between the Lysimeter field and the N-rate study. Turf grass variety was Kalamazoo Wear Green Mix, Lot#: KWG-272617 which is a mix of Titanium Tall Fescue (33.27%) Avenger Tall Fescue (33.13%) and Millennium Tall Fescue (32.70%). Seed was obtained from Kalamazoo Landscape Supply. Seeding rate was 160 sq.ft. per pound which is 272.25#/A. Seeded with the Brillion SS-12 Seeder and the JD6420 tractor

2010-09-21 Planting Seeded the alleyways in GLBRC Main Site around the Switchgrass_Variety, Switchgrass_Productivity and the Illinios Study Areas with turfgrass. Variety used was Earthcarpet Green Resistor Trufgrass Blend, Lot number B28M-9-911 composed of SR8650 Tall Fescue (49.89%) Grande II Tall Fescue (24.91 percent) and SR8550 Tall Fescue (24.83%). Planted with the JD6420 tractor and the Brillion seeder at 330#/A seed. Settings on Brillion seeder were 4.25 (right) and 3.2 (left). Seeded in 2 passes over entire area. Crossing alleyway areas were seeded in 4 passes (2 in each perpendicular direction). T alleyways were seeded into the T first, then soil finished, then the top part of the T was seeded. Brillion seeder was set so the track eliminators completely removed the track and the full weight of the seeder was resting on the packers.