Name: O7

Observation Date Observation Types Observation Comment Equipment Material
2015-06-30 Mechanical Weed Control Cultivate corn and soy bean... John Deere 5055 D, 3-point, 4 row cultivator Show
2015-06-26 Mechanical Weed Control Rotary hoe corn and soy beans. John Deere 6420, 15' rotary hoe, 3 point Show
2015-06-20 Mechanical Weed Control John Deere 6420, 15' rotary hoe, 3 point Show
2015-06-10 Fertilizer Application Hand apply 2900 lbs/A pelle... Show
2015-06-10 Planting Plant Viking 0.7292N corn a... John Deere 5225, 4-row, 3-point Monosem planter Show
2014-09-16 Mechanical Weed Control Flail mow red clover plots ... John Deere 5225, Rototiller: 6 foot 3-point mounted Show
2014-07-15 Harvest Remove wheat and weeds with... Carter Harvester Show
2014-04-09 Planting John Deere 5225, Gandy air seeder Medium Red Clover, Variety not stated: 12.0 pounds per acre Show