Name: REPT1E2R2

Observation Date Observation Types Observation Comment Equipment Material
1996-09-03 Harvest {{PL: Someone hit the right... mower wheat: unknowns per acre Show
1996-07-26 Harvest, Observation {{PL: Baled the edges of th... Show
1996-07-25 Harvest {{PL: Harvested Rotation En... Show
1996-07-24 Observation {{PL: Cut Five feet of each... Show
1996-07-09 Mechanical Weed Control {{PL: (entry 1) Sprayed Rou... broadcast sprayer Pinnacle: 0.25 ounces per acre, Herbicide Assure II (quizalofop-p-ethyl): 7.0 ounces per acre, NIS surfactant: 4.0 % v/vs per acre Show
1996-05-23 Mechanical Weed Control {{PL: (entry 1) Sprayed TRT... broadcast sprayer Herbicide 2,4-D amine: 1.0 pint per acre Show
1996-04-02 Fertilizer Application {{PL: (entry 1) Rotation En... broadcast spreader (by hand) N: 70.0 pounds per acre Show