Name: 32

Observation Date Observation Types Observation Comment Equipment Material
1993-10-01 Harvest Threshed corn with combine ... combine corn: unknowns per acre Show
1993-07-05 Fertilizer Application Applied 70 lb N/a (78 kg N/... unknown N: 70.0 pounds per acre Show
1993-06-02 Planting Great Lakes 0361 corn at 26... unknown Great Lakes 0361 corn: 26000.0 seeds per acre Show
1993-06-02 Mechanical Weed Control Sprayed Extrazine (Cyanazin... broadcast sprayer Extrazine (Cyanazine + Atrizine): 2.5 quarts per acre, Microtech (Alachlor and Lasso): 2.5 quarts per acre, Herbicide Gramoxone Extra (Paraquat): 1.25 pints per acre Show
1993-04-01 Harvest Haybined alfalfa -- !! Exac... haybine Show