Name: ASP1F2-Field-89-2

Observation Date Observation Types Observation Comment Equipment Material
2024-04-10 Herbicide Application Tread annual ryegrass in re... Demco 3pt 100 gallon, 45' boom sprayer, John Deere 7420a Tractor Herbicide Axial XL: 16.4 ounces per acre, water: 14.9 gallons per acre Show
2024-04-08 Herbicide Application Wheat herbicide app John Deere 6155M Tractor, Fast Sprayer Fertilizer 28% UAN (28-0-0): 0.5 gallons per acre, Herbicide Huskie: 14.0 ounces per acre, NIS (Activator 90): 2.5 ounces per acre Show
2024-04-05 Herbicide Application, Mechanical Weed Control Selectively cut and sprayed... Show
2023-11-03 Fertilizer Application Wheat starter app ( 250lbs ... John Deere 6155M Tractor, spreader 0-0-60: 100.0 pounds per acre, Fertilizer 12-40-0-10S: 80.0 pounds per acre, Ammonium sulfate (AMS): 30.0 pounds per acre, Urea Fertilizer: 40.0 pounds per acre Show
2023-10-13 Planting Sunburst wheat seeding. Pl... Show
2023-10-12 Planting Plant four 30' strips of wh... Monosem 5" row Planter (New 2023), John Deere 6155M Tractor Sunburst wheat seed (treated): 1700000.0 seeds per acre Show
2023-04-10 Fertilizer Application ASP soy fertilizer blend ap... Willmar 6 ton pull-type spinner spreader, John Deere 6155M Tractor 0-0-60: 100.0 pounds per acre, AMS: 100.0 pounds per acre Show
2022-12-07 Planting Plant prairie seed in strip... Gandy Air Seeder, John Deere 5225 Tractor seed: 15.0 pounds per acre Show
2022-11-09 Planting Drill VNS rye cover crop at... John Deere 1590 15' no-till drill, John Deere 7420a Tractor rye: 44.0 pounds per acre Show
2022-11-08 Mowing Mow prairie strips at 8 inc... John Deere 10' brushhog mower, John Deere 6420 Tractor Show
2022-07-25 Fungicide Application ASP corn VT fungicide 20 ga... Hagie Sprayer Miravis Neo Fungicide: 13.7 fluid ounces per acre Show
2022-07-25 Mechanical Weed Control, Mowing Mow ASP 2 prairie strips wi... John Deere 10' brushhog mower, John Deere 7420a Tractor, flail mower, John Deere 5425 Tractor Show
2022-07-06 Herbicide Application Spray pokeweed in prairie s... Backpack sprayer Engenia: 12.0 ounces per acre Show
2022-06-23 Planting Interseed corn with blend o... Gandy Air Seeder, John Deere 5225 Tractor Show
2022-05-20 Soil Preparation, Planting Cultimulched and planted pr... John Deere 7420a Tractor, John Deere 1590 15' no-till drill, John Deere 970 12 ft Cultimulcher LTAR Prairie Strip Mixture 2022: 4.0 pounds per acre, oats: 14.0 pounds per acre, annual rye: 4.0 pounds per acre Show
2022-05-17 Herbicide Application Spot spray prairie strips t... John Deere 5225 Tractor, 3-point boom sprayer, 18' Ammonium sulfate (AMS): 3.4 ounces per acre, Durango DMA: 1.5 quarts per acre Show
2022-05-13 Planting Planted corn in 30" rows, 2... John Deere 6175M Tractor, John Deere 1780 row crop planter Dekalb DKC55-53SSRIB Corn Seed Treated: 28000.0 seeds per acre, Fertilizer 28% UAN (28-0-0): 10.0 gallons per acre, Fertilizer 10-34-0 Liquid Fertilizer: 4.0 gallons per acre, Fertilizer 9% Zinc Fertilizer: 1.0 quart per acre, Avipel Seed Treatment: 1.0 unknown per acre Show
2022-05-09 Soil Preparation Soil preparation in ASP1F2 ... John Deere 6420 Tractor, Krause 2204A Disc Show
2022-05-09 Soil Preparation soil finished areas in LTAR... John Deere 6420 Tractor, John Deere 960 10' field cultivator Show