Name: ASP6R4

Observation Date Observation Types Observation Comment Equipment Material
2023-06-08 Observation Hand pull harry vetch from ... Show
2022-12-07 Planting Plant prairie seed in strip... Gandy Air Seeder, John Deere 5225 Tractor seed: 15.0 pounds per acre Show
2022-09-15 Mechanical Weed Control, Mowing Mow prairie plots at a heig... John Deere 10' brushhog mower, John Deere 6420 Tractor Show
2022-07-27 Mechanical Weed Control, Mowing Mow ASP4 prairie strips and... John Deere 10' brushhog mower, John Deere 7420a Tractor Show
2022-05-17 Planting Planted prairie mixture and... John Deere 1590 15' no-till drill, John Deere 7420a Tractor oats: 14.0 pounds per acre, annual rye: 4.0 pounds per acre, LTAR Prairie Strip Mixture 2022: 3.0 pounds per acre Show
2022-05-16 Soil Preparation Cultimulch prairie plots an... John Deere 6420 Tractor, cultipacker Show
2022-05-09 Soil Preparation soil finished areas in LTAR... John Deere 6420 Tractor, John Deere 960 10' field cultivator Show
2022-04-28 Soil Preparation Used disc to till areas to ... John Deere 6420 Tractor, Krause 2204A Disc Show
2021-06-02 Herbicide Application Post emergent corn herbicid... John Deere 6155M Tractor, Fast Sprayer Choice_Water_Conditioner: 9.6 fluid ounces per acre, Herbicide Roundup (glyphosate): 1.0 quart per acre, Degree Extra Herbicide (Acetochlor + Atrazine): 1.0 pint per acre, Armezon Pro: 1.0 pint per acre, Activator 90 (NIS): 4.6 fluid ounces per acre Show