Name: 89

Observation Date Observation Types Observation Comment Equipment Material
2022-04-28 Soil Preparation Used disc to till areas to ... John Deere 6420 Tractor, Krause 2204A Disc Show
2022-01-19 Mechanical Weed Control Trim and cut down trees. In... Show
2021-12-10 Sampling Soil heath samples: 5 cores... Show
2021-11-23 Mowing Flail mow corn stalks. John Deere 115 15' flail mower, John Deere 6155M Tractor Show
2021-04-27 Planting Corn planting with 6x30 dee... John Deere 6175M Tractor, John Deere 1780 row crop planter Pioneer P0414AM Corn Hybrid: 30000.0 seeds per acre, Fertilizer 28% UAN (28-0-0): 8.0 gallons per acre, Fertilizer 10-34-0 Liquid Fertilizer: 4.0 gallons per acre, Fertilizer 9% Zinc Fertilizer: 1.0 gallon per acre Show
2021-03-24 Soil Preparation Chisel plow at 9" deep at 5... Glencoe Soil Saver - 'Nine Shank Chisel Plow', John Deere 7710 Tractor Show